Investing is boring. The Empire Club is not. 

There’s heaps of apps & websites for investing. They’re easy to use, look great & promise to ‘change investing forever’. But they’ll all bore the pants off you!

Empire is a membership organisation that hosts events, parties & experiences whilst also offering an easy way to invest.

We’re talking real change; change that may surprise, or even confuse you. That’s okay – We’re here to explain.

Members are every-day people who want more. They can invest, but also come along to our events; things like Portsea Polo, Grand Final, Melbourne Cup and more.

You need to invest, but you want to have fun. Empire lets you do both.

To read more on the ‘how & what’ download our Info Pack. To check out our events, go to our Events Page! or, look at Instagram or Facebook to see our past events.

Fully-Managed Investments. Transparent. Easy.

Empire offers fully managed investment products. Members keep track and manage all of our services via their online member portal and our custom mobile app. Get investing today with as little as $500.

Membership Redefined


Membership Redefined

Events by Empire

We offer members a range of exciting opportunities, experiences and events; always with an ‘X Factor’. Our privileges program spans a multitude of interests. That means one Membership that can now replace many.

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Membership Options


Full Membership
Invest $500 - $50k
$1,200 value toward Empire Events and Experiences each year
Investment Management Fees Included
Purchase Additional Guest Passes (STA)
Cancel any time
Invite Your Friends to Join


Platinum Privileges (VIP)
Invest $25k Plus
$3,000+ value toward Empire Events and Experiences each year
Investment Management Fees Included (up to $500k under management)
Suits more established investors
Complimentary Guest Passes
Premium Empire Experiences
Unique Empire Opportunities
Cancel any time
Invite 5 friends to join


6 month Trial
Invest $500 - $5k
Membership Fee refund option
Not entitled to Empire Privileges
A try before you buy opportunity
Perfect for the more cautious investor
Invite Friends to Join
Contact us to enquire about the trial membership


or 0.125% of Investment Per Month - whichever is greater
Access Investments Only
No privileges Included
Invest $40k Plus
Buy Premium Reserve Event Tickets
No maximum Investment

Membership Options



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